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「すべてのカテゴリーに属し、属さない曖昧な眩さ」をスローガンに掲げ、比類ない世界観を持ち、独創性に富んだ作品を生み出し続けるダンスカンパニー。ストリートダンスとコンテンポラリーダンスを融合させた独自のダンススタイルで、代表作「花ト囮」は海外の演劇祭含め国内外問わず多数受賞。2016年には結成20周年記念公演「鱗人輪舞」で観客投票によるリアルタイムマルチエンディングを採用、そして昨年、日本では稀有なイマーシブシアター「Touch the Dark」を制作、初演・再演共にチケットがソルドアウトした。

DAZZLE is an award winning dance company found in 1996.
The company’s unique and original dance style is a fusion of street and contemporary dance. Under their vision of “Belonging to all genres and no genres,” their artistic creativity and interpretation of the world has been expressed in acclaimed stage productions. Inspired by Japanese culture, including movies, video games, and comic books (manga), stories are told by text and narration in DAZZLE’s stages.
One of their most acclaimed stage productions, “Hana to Otori (Misty Mansion)” has won grand prix at the Green Festa (A festival for theatrical performance in Tokyo), and an Outstanding Performance Award at the Japan Stage Directors Association Young Stage Directors Contest. “Hana to Otori (Misty Mansion)” has also been invited to SAMJOKO Asia Theatrical Performance Festival (2010, South Korea), SIBIU International Theatre Festival (2011, Romania), and Fadjr International Theater Festival (2012, Iran) where DAZZLE received Jury’s Special Award and Scenography Award
In 2013, DAZZLE started “ASTERISK,” a stage production starring acclaimed and trending street and contemporary dancers in Japan. “ASTERISK” has created an opportunity for Japanese dancers to perform in a theater for hundreds of audiences, which is rare especially for street dancers. They planned, stage directed, and performed as the lead dancer for the first two years and “ASTERISK” has been continuing as a yearly production until now. DAZZLE has also performed as the leading performer in “Ballare” (2015), directed by Tamasaburo Bando, a kabuki actor named as National Living Treasure, at Akasaka ACT Theater in 2015.
In 2016, DAZZLE marked its 20th anniversary and opened “Lindo Rondo” the first Japanese dance stage production with multiple endings, in October. The 14 performances were well-received and many of the audiences came back to the show to see the alternate ending.
In August of their 21st year, DAZZLE created their first immersive theater production in Tokyo by combining their experience and creativity of 20 years. The production “Touch the Dark” ran for 10 days with 31 shows and sold out instantly once audience reviews were out. A revival of the production is scheduled to open at the end of October, with tickets selling out in 90 minutes.